AL’s best pitchers, 1986-91

When I wrote Tom Candiotti: A Life of Knuckleballs, there was so much information that I included that had to be edited out because of the word-count limit the publisher enforced.

I’d promised to publish some of the “best of the rest” information that didn’t make it into the book. But I haven’t had time–hopefully, though, I’ll get on it and post more.

Here’s one tidbit: Candiotti was the fourth-best pitcher, by ERA, in the AL from 1986-91. Forget the win totals, but look at that ERA and walk totals. And home runs given up.

Compare Candiotti to, say, Mark Langston. Look at how many more walks Langston gave up. Yet Candiotti never received any Cy Young votes or made an All-Star team his entire career. What were the voters and coaches thinking?

(This is the chart that I had included in the manuscript. All stats are courtesy of
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