Knuckleball “Legends”

By KP Wee

Updated: Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015

Instead of posting all of the “legends,” “myths,” and stories here, I’ve decided to make them available in print form, and have branded the series Don’t Blame the Knuckleballer! Baseball Legends, Myths, and Stories

I realized that if I were to start posting the legends and stories here, I would have to update it every so often and instead of doing so, I decided to gather as many as I can and then make them available all at once in print.

The first series – or volume, if you will – has been completed and available on


Here’s some information:

In Don’t Blame the Knuckleballer! Baseball Legends, Myths, and Stories, K.P. Wee looks at more than 30 obscure and forgotten tales told by ballplayers, coaches, and broadcasters throughout baseball history – and repeated by historians and bloggers – while mixing in a knuckleballing theme. For each tale, Wee asks, “Did this really happen?” or “Did they blame the right person?”

Among the tales:

* Did Joe Niekro really strike out the first five batters of a game in the very first inning?

* Did Phil Niekro really make Floyd Robinson silly on a strikeout?

* Did “Sunday Teddy” Lyons really pitch only on Sundays?

* How did Tom Candiotti “botch” the Jeff Kent fantasy baseball story?

* Did Pedro Martinez actually forget the details of his first big-league start and blame the wrong guy?

* Did you know that Ted Williams had to face a knuckleballer on the next-to-last day of his historic 1941 season?

* Was Mark Grace really on deck when Glenallen Hill hit his mammoth home run at Wrigley?

Thank you for your support!

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