Here are some of the websites that “A Life of Knuckleballs” supports:

McFarlanTom, where you will be able to search McFarland’s website for its vast collection of academic and nonfiction books – including History, Popular Culture, Military History, Sports, and others, a site dedicated to Canadian travel destinations, a site featuring journalist Adrian Brijbassi’s travel writing, the official website of author Camy Tang, the official website of jazz composer Roger Chong, the official site of Katie Rox and her latest happenings in music, the official site of singer/songwriter Chris Ronald, Rick Jessup’s blog on food and beer, a review blog dedicated to reviews of romance and business books, a site for those who reminisce about older television programs

Sully Baseball, a blog about baseball which also includes interviews, podcasts, and videos

Here are some of the other baseball titles from McFarland Publishing that hit the market in 2014, along with “Tom Candiotti: A Life of Knuckleballs”:

Johnny Evers
A Baseball Life
By Dennis Snelling

When in Doubt, Fire the Skipper
Midseason Managerial Changes in Major League Baseball
By Gary Webster

ed mckean
Ed McKean
Slugging Shortstop of the Cleveland Spiders
By Rich Blevins

wee willie
The Days of Wee Willie, Old Cy and Baseball War
Scenes from the Dawn of the Deadball Era, 1900–1903
By Chuck Kimberly

Check here for the latest news and releases from McFarland Publishing!

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