Welcome to ALifeOfKnuckleballs.com!

Tom Candiotti A Life of Knuckleballs

Welcome to A Life of Knuckleballs, the official website of former Major League Baseball pitcher Tom Candiotti’s 2014 biography!

“Tom Candiotti: A Life of Knuckleballs” can now be purchased from the McFarland & Company website or through Amazon.com.

For a list of McFarland’s Spring 2014 new titles, click here. Their sports 2014 catalogue can be found here, and it contains a discount code that can be used for purchases up until September 1, 2014!

For a list of McFarland’s current titles, click here. For a list of their baseball biographies, click here.

For the latest updates from McFarland, follow them on Facebook as well as on Twitter!

Publisher Information:

McFarland Publishing Co.
Email: info@mcfarlandpub.com
Telephone: 336-246-4460
Fax: 336-246-5018

Mailing Address:
Box 611
Jefferson N.C. 28640

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